Our Vision & Mission
Since 2017, we have brought instant market access in Asia for high technology companies around the world. Over the years, our company has established its presence in the business world by developing long-lasting relationships.

The vision for Blockchain Korea is to assemble the most knowledgeable and capable advisors to mentor and provide strategic direction to game-changing ICT, FINTECH and blockchain-based services products and entrepreneurs around the world.

The partnership will create a successful enterprise reference sites, on and offline resellers and channels, managed by a our advisors and partner whose mandate is to:

  • Identify, evaluate and invest in projects.
  • Market Access, Market Entry, Financial consulting
  • Mentoring portfolio companies as they develop into world-changing organizations.
  • Partners and Advisors will use their own selection criteria for deciding which innovative technology projects will receive support.

We strive to help our clients establish market presence through partnering with major local companies whereby leveraging already established customer channels and quickly generating revenues. We apply a keen understanding on how to cost-effectively and precisely produce quality results, adding value and managing risks for any given client.